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1) Airport Transportation quotation form: does not provide airport transportation nor does it provide reservations. only provides a third party quotation form that allows our website visitors if they wish, to get a quote or quotes for transpotation to/from the airport. The entries in the quotation request form are limited to the requested airport and pick-up or drop-off address in addition to the trip date and time, the number of passengers, and whether the trip is one-way or roundtrip.

When the visitor requesting the quote clicks the "Search" button, the entries in the third party form are not being accessed nor being stored by, and the entries are transmitted to the third party as the visitor leaves the website and is forwarded to the third party website, whose search engine displays price quote(s) from available airport transportation providers, and subsequently offers the visitor reservation services if they wish to make a reservation. At that point, additional personal information for the purposes of completing the reservation is requested from the visitor by the third party.

2) Website Use Disclaimer: assumes no liability for third parties including but not limited to the reservations providers and the actual transportation providers.

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* Important Advice: before booking any type of airport transportation, always ensure that the service you are using is licensed and insured, with a solid reputation for reliability and safety.

* For Transportation Inquiries: please contact the airport transportation providers.