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New York Laguardia Airport (LGA): LaGuardia Airport is situated in the northern part of the New York City borough of Queens. LaGuardia Airport borders with Astonia, Jackson Heights and East Elmhurst. LaGuardia Airport is now one of the busiest airports in the world. It is the second largest airport in terms of passenger traffic and first in the world in terms of total flight operations. In 2011, the airport handled over 25 million passengers. The LaGuardia Airport has become a domestic hub for Delta Airlines and subsidiary American Eagle. It operates without any non-stop service to and from Europe. A perimeter rule prevents non-stop flights to or from points beyond 2400 kms. However, flights on Saturdays and flights to Denver are exceptions to this rule.

LaGuardia Airport site was initially occupied by the Gale Amusement Park. In 1929, the park was turned into a 105 acre private flying field and named Glenn H. Curtiss Airport after Glenn H. Curtiss who was an aviation pioneer. This was again renamed North Beach Airport. In 1937, New York City took over the airport and enlarged the grounds with adjoining lands and by filling in 357 acres of waterfront along the eastside. Florella LaGuardia was the mayor of New York during 1934-45 and it was under his leadership that the airport construction activities were started and completed.

LaGuardia Airport was dedicated on October 5, 1939 as the New York Municipal Airport and it became operational with effect from December 2, 1939. The airport was used during the Second World War as a training facility for aviation technicians and as logistics field. LaGuardia got its official name when the Port of New York Authority taken over the control of the airport under a lease with New York City on June 1947. LaGuardia underwent rapid expansions and the traffic continued to grow. During the year 2000, the airport experienced overcrowding delays. The U.S. Congress, therefore, passed a legislation to revoke the federal traffic limits on LaGuardia by 2007. But the terrorist attack on September 11,2001, slowed down the traffic growth and thereby mitigated the airport delays

Delta Airlines operates majority of the total flights from LaGuardia to various destinations. Delta operates 264 daily flights from LaGuardia to more than 60 cities. Delta is also heavily investing in renovations of terminals C and D in LaGuardia. LaGuardia has four terminals connected by buses and walkways

New York Laguardia Airport Details:

Laguardia Airport Contact:
Address: 9400 Ditmars Blvd., Queens, NY 11369
Phone: : (718) 533-3400

LGA Airport History: The present LaGuardia Airport site was owned by the Steinway family and used by the Gala Amusement Park. It was then turned into a private flying field. The airport was originally named Glenn H. Curtiss Airport after Glenn H. Curtis who was a pioneer aviator of Long Island. The New York Mayor during the period from 1934 to 1945 was Florello LaGuardia. During one of his flights, he felt the need for an airport to serve the New York City as there was no airport to serve New York City at that point of time. He urged the New Yorkers to support for a new airport within their city.

American Airlines took up the challenge and accepted LaGuardia’s offer to start a pilot programme. But the program did not go well. However, LaGuardia and American Airlines executives began an alternate plan to build a new airport in Queens, where it could take advantage of the new Queens Midtown Tunnel to Manhattan. The construction work was begun in 1937. LaGuardia gave the American Airlines extra real estate during the airport’s first year of operation recognizing their important contribution in the development of the airport. American Airlines opened its first Admirals Club, the first private airlines club in the world in 1939.

It costs New York City $23 million to make the airport into a 550 acre modern facility. The airport soon became a financial success. LaGuardia had won commitments from five major airlines – Pan American Airways, American, United, Eastern Airlines and Transcontinental and Western that they would be using the airport as soon as it opened.

Although LaGuardia was a large airport, it soon became too small for the amount of air traffic it had to handle. LaGuardia’s traffic continued to grow and started experiencing overcrowding delays. The September 11, 2001 terrorist attack had slowed down the traffic. In 2006, the construction activities was started to replace the air control tower which was built in 1962 with a most modern one. The new tower began operation in year 2010.

LaGuardia has four terminals connected by buses and walkways. There are more than 90 hotels located near the LaGuardia airport vicinity. The New York City Metropolitan areas JFK International, LaGuardia and New York Liberty International Airports combine has created the largest airport system in the United States.

Driving Directions:

From Manhattan (Midtown Tunnel): From the Midtown Tunnel, continue on the Long Island Expressway (LIE) east to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE) then follow the BQE east to the Grand Central east. From there take exit 7 for LaGuardia's Central Terminal (A, B, C, D), Delta Terminal, and US Airways Terminal. Take the Grand Central to exit 5 for the Marine Air Terminal and the Delta Shuttle.

From Manhattan (RFK-Triborough Bridge): From the bridge, you will reach the Grand Central Parkway heading east, from there take it to exit 7 for the Central Terminal (A, B, C, D), the Delta Terminal, and the US Airways Terminal.

From Brooklyn (Brooklyn Queens Expressway-BQE): Follow the BQE east to the Grand Central east. You will reach the Grand Central for an exit. Take exit 7 for the Central Terminal (A, B, C, D), the Delta Terminal, and the US Airways Terminal.

From Brooklyn (Jackie Robinson Parkway): Continue through the Jackie Robinson east to the Grand Central Parkway west. On the Grand Central, take exit 7 for the Central Terminal (A, B, C, D), the Delta Terminal, and the US Airways Terminal.

From Long Island (Northern State Expressway): Go to the Northern State west. The Northern State Parkway becomes the Grand Central Parkway in Queens. Follow it to exit 7 for the Central Terminal (A, B, C, D), the Delta Terminal, and the US Airways Terminal.

From Long Island (Long Island Expressway-LIE): Go west until you reach Grand Central (in Queens, at Flushing Meadows) from the LIE. Take the Grand Central west. Take it to exit 7 for the Central Terminal (A, B, C, D), the Delta Terminal, and the US Airways Terminal.

From the North (the Bronx, Connecticut, and Upstate New York): Follow I-95 south to I-678 for the Whitestone Bridge. Then move to the Whitestone Expressway west and it will coincide with the Grand Central Expressway. Continue to exit 7 for LaGuardia.

From the West and South (New Jersey): From the George Washington Bridge (I-95) trail the signs to the Major Deegan Expressway (I-87). Pursue the Major Deegan to Robert F. Kennedy Bridge (I-287, in earlier times the Triborough Bridge) and the Grand Central Expressway. Continue on the Grand Central to exit 7 for most LGA terminals.

New York LaGuardia Airport Parking: The LaGuardia airport parking is known for its safety, secure parking lots with no hidden fees. The parking lots are easily accessible to the airport terminals. All types of credit and debit cards are accepted. Any doubts about the parking can be asked by dialing (718) 533-3850 .For parking-related customer service comments and/or complaints call: (888) 250-8271.The types of parking available in this airport are:

Short term parking: Short term or daily parking is available in Daily Parking Garage 2 and lots 1,4,5,6 and 7. Rates:
- $3 per half hour
- $6 per hour
- $3 for each additional half hour
- $33 for one day maximum

Long Term Parking: Long term parking is available in Lot 3 of the airport garage. Rates:
- $33 for first 24 hours
- $33 for second day
- $6 for each extra 8 hours after two days

Parking for persons with restricted mobility: Rates:
- $33 for first 24 hours
- $33 for second day
- $6 for each extra 8 hours after two days

New York LaGuardia Airport Hotels:

The LGA airport hosts large number of tourist per day and there are many hotels available near or around Laguardia Airport. Direct transportation is available to most of the nearby hotels. No hotels are present inside the hotel, but some of the important hotels nearby, including approximate distance from the airport, are:

- Holiday Inn Long Island City, 39-05 29th Street, Long Island City Boulevard, 4 miles.
- Courtyard by Marriot, 9010 Ditmars Boulevard, East Elmhurt, New York, 1 mile.
- Holiday Inn LaGuardia, 37-10 114th Street, Corona, New York City, 1 mile.
- Marriott LaGuardia, 102-05 Ditmars Boulevard East Elmhurst, New York 11369, 1 mile.
- Pan American Hotel, 79-00 Queens Boulevard, Elmhurst, NY, 2 miles from the airport.
- Clarion Hotel at LaGuardia, 9400 Ditmars Boulevard, East Elmhurst, NY, 0.5 mile.
- Hampton Inn LaGuardia, 102-40 Ditmars Blvd, East Elmhurst, NY, 0.5 mile.
- Comfort Inn at LaGuardia, 23-45 83Rd Street, East Elmhurst, NY, 1.0 miles.
- Lexington Marco LaGuardia Hotel, 137-07 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, NY. 1.5 miles.
- Courtyard LaGuardia, 9010 Ditmars Blvd East Elmhurst, New York 113690 1 miles.
- Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel, 135 20 39Th Avenue, Flushing, 2.5 miles.

New York LGA Airport Terminal Information: LaGuardia airport has four main terminals which are:
- Central Terminal Building or Terminal B: Central Terminal Building (CTB) was setup on April 17, 1964. This terminal performs most of the airport's scheduled domestic airlines.
- US Airways Terminal or Terminal C: this terminal Opened in September 1992 and costing a whooping $200 million, the US Airways Terminal covers approximately 300,000 square feet of space which is collective between a 12-gate main section and a 8-gate shuttle section. The main section features a food, retail, and concessions court and a Welcome Center on the arrivals level. The shuttle section helps passengers on hourly flight to Boston and Washington, D.C.
Delta Air Lines Terminal or Terminal D: Delta Air Lines Terminal was constructed by Delta Air Lines at the east end of the airport. The terminal opened in June 1983. It has 10 aircraft gate positions.
Marine Air Terminal or Terminal A: earlier called Overseas Terminal, and then the Marine Air Terminal, Terminal A was the real airport terminal building, serving international flights on flying boats through the 1940s.

Terminal A: Marine Air Terminal (MAT) was the airport's first real terminal for overseas flights.

Terminal A Airlines: Airlines operating from Terminal A:
- Delta Shuttle operated by Shuttle America
- Delta Connection operated by Shuttle America
- Delta Shuttle operated by Delta Air Lines

Terminal A Shops and Restaurants:
- Yankee clipper
- Hudson news
- Java city

Central Terminal Building or Terminal B: This terminal processes most of the airport's scheduled domestic flights.

Terminal B Airlines: Airlines operating from Terminal B:
- Frontier Airlines
- JetBlue Airways
- Southwest Airlines
- Spirit Airlines
- United Airlines
- United Express operated by Chautauqua Airlines
- United Express operated by ExpressJet
- United Express operated by Mesa Airlines
- United Express operated by Shuttle America
- United Express operated by SkyWest Airlines
- American Eagle
- American Airlines
- Air Tran Airways operated by Southwest Airlines
- Air Canada Express operated by Jazz Air
- Air Canada

Terminal B Shops and Restaurants:
- Asian Chao
- Au Bon Pain
- Auntie Anne's
  - CIBO Express Market
- Dunkin' Donuts
- Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins
- Famous Famiglia
- Five Guys Burgers & Fries
  - FIX Coffee & Bakery
- Healthy Gourmet
- Metro Burger
- Best Buy Zoom Shop
- Bijoux Terner
- Brookstone
- Discover NY
- Duty Free Americas
- Hudson Booksellers
- Hudson News
- In-Motion Entertainment
- I-Tech Xperience
- Life is Good
- Metropolitan Museum of Art Store
- Shoe Shine
- Taxco Sterling
- Travelex Currency Exchange

Terminal C: This terminal comprising of 300,000-square-foot (28,000 m2) was designed by William Nicholas Bodouva + Associates Architects and Planners. It was opened September 12, 1992, at a cost of $250 million.

Terminal C Airlines: Airlines operating from Terminal A:
- US Airways
- Express operated by Air Wisconsin
- US Airways Express operated by Chautauqua Airlines
- US Airways Express operated by Piedmont Airlines
- US Airways Express operated by PSA Airlines
- US Airways Express operated by Republic Airlines
- US Airways Express operated by Trans States Airlines
- US Airways Shuttle operated by US Airways
- WestJet

Terminal C Shops and Restaurants:
- Dunkin' Donuts
- McDonald's
- Papaya King
- Airport Wireless
- Artizan
- Brookstone
- Fruits & Passion
- Relay News & Gifts
- Tech Showcase
- USA Today
- Watermark Books

Terminal D: This terminal was opened on June 19, 1983, at an expense of approximately $90 million and was designed by William Nicholas Bodouva + Associates Architects. It was designed to accommodate Delta's new Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 aircraft.

Terminal D Airlines: Airlines operating from Terminal A:
- US Airways
- Delta Connection operated by Chautauqua Airlines
- Delta Air Lines
- Delta Connection operated by Comair
- Delta Connection operated by Compass Airlines
- Delta Connection operated by ExpressJet
- Delta Connection operated by GoJet Airlines
- Delta Connection operated by Pinnacle Airlines
- Delta Connection operated by Shuttle America

Terminal D Shops and Restaurants:
- Bisoux Market
- Crust
- World Bean
- Brooks Brothers
- CNBC News & Gifts
- New York Times Bookstore
- New York Times Bookstore Express
- NY NY News
- PGA Tour Store

First aid medical and disability services: Wheelchair and medical assistance is available at the airport for passengers with special needs and disabilities. For minor medical assistance, personnel at the First Aid Station can be approached.

Airport Information Booths are located throughout the Building to help you with airport paging, directions, flight status information and much more.

LaGuardia Baggage Carts and Baggage Claims: The baggage claim is located on the lower level of the terminal, across from There is no availability of baggage storage at LaGuardia Airport. Because of security reasons, there are no lockers available at LaGuardia New York Airport. Baggage carts at LaGuardia Airport are available at airline kiosks in each of the four terminals at La Guardia. LaGuardia baggage carts usually rate around $5, though prices vary based on airlines.

City of Queens: The LaGuardia Airport is situated in Queens, one of the five boroughs of New York City. Queens is largest in terms of area and second largest in terms of population. Queens has two major airports namely JFK International Airport and LaGuardia Airport.

LaGuardia Airport in the northern Queens was opened in 1939. Queens is on the far west section of Long Island and other few small islands in Jamaica Bay. This is a part of one of the National Parks of New York Harbor. Brooklyn lies on the south and west of Queens. Newtown Creek, an estuary that flows into the East River forms a part of the border of Queens. Nassau County is located east of Queens in Long Island.

Queens is governed by the New York City Charter that provides for a mayor-council system of governance. Queens Borough hall is the seat of government and is located in Kew Gardens. Queens has 12 seats in the New York City Council. It has 14 administrative districts each served by a local community board. The airline industry is important to the economy of Queens. It provides about one quarter of the sector’s employment and more than 30% of the Sector’s wages

Queens History: Queens was established in 1683 as one of the original `12 counties of New York. It is named after the Queen Consort, Catherine of Braganza, and the Portuguese Princess who married King Charles II of England in 1662. The county was founded alongside Kings County, Brooklyn, which was named after her husband King Charles II and Richmond County named after his illegitimate son, the 1st Duke of Richmond.

In the year 1691 all counties in the colony of New York were redefined and Queens got North Brother Island, South Brother Island and Huletts Island. In the year 1768, Queens got other island in Long Island Sound which was not given to any other county. After the Battle of Long Island in 1776, Queens remained under British occupation. From 1683 to 1784, Queens County consisted of five towns only and the seat of the county government was located in Jamaica.

The New York City Borough of Queens was established in year 1898. As a result of rapid development and construction of infrastructural facilities, the population of Queens was more than doubled in the 1920s. Queens was the location of the 1939 New York World’s Fair and also the 1964 New York World’s fair

Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Flushing Attractions: Some of the known attractions at LGA's vicinity cities are:

The Unisphere and the Panorama of NYC: The Unisphere is a giant globe in Flushing Meadows Park. It's an excellent spot to hang out and one can use the place for walking, biking, skating, running, barbecuing, and playing soccer. Next door is the Queens Museum of Art with its Panorama of New York City, which gives an elaborative detailed scale model of the entire city. It is so well composed that you can pinpoint specific houses, even find your own home. The Panorama has been delighting visitors since the World's Fair in 1964.

Museum of the Moving Image: The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens, accentuates the history, technology, and art of movies in such a beautiful way that tourists are always attracted to it. It is a grand museum with an equilibrium of concrete activities and information that will be liked by youngsters and adults. On the weekends, enjoy a screening of a classic or foreign movie in the Rilkis Theater.

Water's Edge Restaurant: This amazing restaurant in Long Island City has an brilliant view of the Manhattan skyline. The name says it: Water's Edge. The restaurant's free water taxi (though a bit rickety) will shuttle you from Manhattan at 34th Street and the East River. The food and especially the splendid views make a meal here an outstanding experience.

Downtown Flushing Chinatown: This china town is the second largest Chinatown in New York city. Its attraction is a visit for an afternoon of strolling, going into herbalist shops, tasting boba tea, and devouring on great Chinese and other Asian eats. There is also the much awaited celebration of Lunar or Chinese New Year in Flushing every winter.

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