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Washington Dulles International Airport(IAD): Washington Dulles International Airport is named after John Foster Dulles and it serves the greater Washington D.C. This public airport is situated 26 miles from west downtown of Washington. It is situated within two communities namely Chantilly and Dulles. This airport is the largest airport in Washington metropolitan area and is nation’s busiest airport. The airport serves flights to over 125 destinations and is a major hub for domestic and international travel.

Terminal at Taiwan Taiyuan International Airport in Taipei, Taiwan was modeled after the Saarinen terminal at Dulles. The main terminal was opened in 1962 and Eero Saarinen was the chief architect. The terminal provides facilities from wide range of airlines from premier to budget airlines through 4 concourses; A, B, C and D via Z gates that connects to the main terminal. A major airport development program called Dulles Development included construction of two new parking garages, a new fourth runway, traffic control tower, a bigger arrivals building and an automated movers system.

Washington Dulles International Airport Details:

Dulles International Airport Contact:
Physical Address: Intersection of two streets within the airport ( Aviation Dr & Autopilot Dr) - Sterling, VA 20166
Mailing Address:1 Saarinen Circle, Dulles, VA 20166
Dulles Information (703) 572-2700
Dulles Airport Police (703) 572-2400
Dulles Airport Fire/Ambulance/EMS (703) 572-2400

IAD Airport History: After end of World War II that Congress passed the Washington Airport Act of 1950 to provide financial backing for another airport. The present site was selected by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1958, and the decision made previous unincorporated community of Willard to be turned down. The main terminal was designed by architect Eero Saarinen in 1958 and the work was very much praised for its beauty. In 1984 Dulles International Airport was renamed as Washington Dulles International Airport. In 1990 the main terminal was reconstructed to expand its existing configuration.

Terminal was designed with a landscape having a manmade lake which collected rain water, an airport hotel along with a row of office buildings. Terminal access road was designed with a wide median strip to incorporate the future passenger rail line, which is expected to be completed in 2016.

Location and Driving Directions: From Downtown Washington DC: Take west on interchange I-66 to exit 67. Just follow signs to the airport, which would be approximately 16 miles after taking exit 67.

From Baltimore: Go south on I-95 to exit 27 (I 495 West "The Beltway") to exit 45A. Follow signs to the airport, approximately 13 miles from exit 45A.

From Richmond: Go north on I-95 to exit 170 (I 495 - "The Beltway") to exit 45. Follow signs to the airport, approximately 13 miles from exit 45.

From West Virginia: Go south on I-81 to I-66 East. I-66 East to exit 53 (Rt. 28 North). Follow Route 28 to airport.

From Roanoke, Southwest Virginia: Go north on I-81 to I-66 East. Follow I-66 East to exit 53 (Rt. 28 North). Follow Route 28 to airport.

Dulles Airport Terminal Information: Dulles airport consists of main terminal which consists of concourses A, B, C and D and the Z gates along with other passenger facilities. The terminal has 143 gates and has several options to move between them. The passengers from the main terminal can take Aerotrain or mobile lounges to reach their respective concourses. Passengers can also take the underground walkway to arrive at concourse A and B. Dulles airport probably is one of the few airports that still have mobile lounges serving arrival and boarding passengers. The airport authority has plans to replace the mobile lounges by underground people mover, which currently is available for transporting passengers from concourse A and B. Dulles airport terminal consist of two terminal buildings; one that houses A and B concourse and the other having C and D concourse.

Main Terminal: All departing passengers must first pass through a security checkpoint. The passengers just need to follow signs "TO ALL GATES" located near either end of the Main Terminal. From there, signs will guide you via AeroTrain to A, B, or C-Gates. Signs will guide you via Mobile Lounge to D or H-Gates. The Z-gates are a short walk past the security checkpoints. Ticket counters, baggage claim and international flight arrivals for all airlines are located in the Main Terminal.

Shops, Restaurants and Facilities at the Main Terminal:
- ATMs at Bag Claim Level, near Bag Claim #5 and #13 and Walkway to H, G, & D Gates
- Capital One Bank locations at Bag Claim Level, across from Bag Claim 5. 703-661-5091
- Travelex Foreign Currency Exchange - 703-572-2946
- Stellar News - 703-572-1820 (Upper Level, West)
- Tax and Duty Free
- Shoeshine
- Travelers Aid - 703-572-8296 (Main Terminal, Baggage Claim 6)
- Guavá & Java - 703-572-6336 (East Baggage Claim)
- Subway - 703-572-5217 (Z Gates)
- Gourmet Market - 703-572-6444 (Bag Claim West
- Cinnabon - 703-572-1853 (Kiosk East)

CONCOURSE A: The A Concourse consists of a permanent ground level set of gates designed for small planes such as commuter jets and some former B concourse gates. Airlines served by concourse A are listed below:

CONCOURSE A Airlines: Airlines that operate from Concourse A:
- Aeroflot
- Air France
- Avianca
- Continental Connection operated by CommutAir
- Continental Express operated by ExpressJet Airlines
- Copa Airlines
- Korean Air
- Qatar Airways
- Saudi Arabian Airlines
- United Express operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines
- United Express operated by Colgan Air
- United Express operated by ExpressJet Airlines
- United Express operated by GoJet Airlines
- United Express operated by Mesa Airlines
- United Express operated by Shuttle America
- United Express operated by SkyWest Airlines
- United Express operated by Trans States Airlines
- Virgin Atlantic Airways

- ATM Midfield, Mobile Lounge Dock
- Hudson News/Hudson Booksellers 703-572-7360 (Gate A5)
- Brooks Brothers 703-572-6194
- Taxco Sterling 703-572-7339
- America! 703-572-6079
- Brookstone 703-661-0733 (Gate A24)
- In Motion Entertainment 703-572-6164 (Gate A24)
- The Smithsonian Museum Store 703-572-7272

Concourse A Restaurants:
- Famous Famiglia 703-572-5203 (Gate A3)
- Mayorga Coffee 703-572-5131 (Gate A4)
- Matsutake Sushi 703-572-6438 (Gate A23)
- Five Guys 703-661-8787 (Gate A4)
- Fuddruckers 703-572-6275 (Gate A23)
- Great American Bagel Bakery 703-572-4697
- Villa Pizza 703-572-5120 (Gate A23)

Concourse B: The B Concourse is the first of the permanent elevated midfield concourses. It is connected to the main terminal by an underground walkway in addition to the AeroTrain. A new terminal is proposed which would have three-level structure with 44 airline gates and similar amenities to Concourse B. Airlines served by concourse B are listed below.

Concourse B Airlines: Airlines that operate from Concourse B:
- AeroSur
- AirTran Airways
- All Nippon Airways
- American Airlines
- Austrian Airlines
- British Airways
- Cayman Airways
- Delta Air Lines
- Delta Connection operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines
- Delta Connection operated by Comair
- Delta Connection operated by Compass Airlines
- Delta Connection operated by Pinnacle Airlines
- Icelandair
- JetBlue Airways
- Lufthansa
- OpenSkies
- Scandinavian Airlines
- South African Airways
- Southwest Airlines
- Sun Country Airlines
- TACA Airlines
- Turkish Airlines
- Virgin America

Concourse B Shops:
- ATM Midfield
- Travelex Foreign Currency Exchange 703-572-5781
- Borders Books 703-661-1930 (Aerostation)
- Concourse Concessions News 703-661-8361 (Gate B73)
- News Connection/Starbucks 703-572-2251 (Gate B47)
- News Express 703-572-3695 (Gate B37)
- Stellar News 703-5712-1808 (Gate B54)
- Tax and Duty Free 703-572-0220
- Solstice Sunglass Boutique 703-661-6612 (Gate B57)
- Appalachian Spring 703-996-8660 (Gate B66)
- Touch of Color 703-572-6069 (Gate B37)
- Airport Wireless 703-661-0411
- America! 703-572-2543 (Gate B59)
- Techshowcase 703-661-8592 (Gate B59) - Water's Edge

Concourse B Restaurants:
- Auntie Anne’s 703-572-5208 (Gate B66)
- Bananas 703-572-6474 (Gate B73)
- Capitol Grounds Coffee 703-661-0999 (Gate B72)
- Chipotle Mexican Grill 703-661-5018 (Gate B54)
- City Wok 703 -572-6455 (Gate B66)
- Dunkin Donuts 703-572-6845 (Gate A23)
- Five Guys 703-661-6676 (Gate B71)
- Potbelly Sandwich Works 703-572-6369 (Gate B47)
- Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream 703-572-2516 (Gate B23)
Concourse C: Concourse C was completed in 1983 and were originally designed as a temporary base for United Airlines, which began hub operations at the airport in 1985. The C/D terminal were expanded in 2006 which included light fixture upgrades, new paint finishes, new ceiling grids and tiles, heating and air conditioning replacement, and complete restroom renovations.

Concourse C Airlines: Airlines served by Concourse C are listed below:
- Air Canada Jazz
- United Airlines
- United Express operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines
- United Express operated by ExpressJet Airlines
- United Express operated by GoJet Airlines
- United Express operated by Mesa Airlines
- United Express operated by Shuttle America
- United Express operated by SkyWest Airlines
- United Express operated by Trans States Airlines

Concourse C Shops:
- ATM Midfield (Gate C16 )
- Travelex Foreign Currency Exchange 703-572-8239 (Gates C8, C12 and C28)
- Borders Books 703-661-5420 (Gate C18)
- CNBC News 703-572-6196 (Gate C16)
- DC Xpress 703-572-6191 (Gate C4)
- Faber News & Gifts 703-572-7804 (Gate C27)
- Tax and Duty Free 703-572-0245 (Gate C18)
- Taxco Sterling 703-572-5928 (Gate C11)
- America! 703-572-6033 (Gate C16)
- Rosetta Stone 703-572-3109 (Gate C9)

Concourse C Restaurants:
- Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies 703-572-6637 (Gates C9 and C27)
- Auntie Anne’s 703-572-5200 (Gate C11)
- California Tortilla – 703-572-7333 (Gate C19)
- Potbelly Sandwich Works 703-572-6385 (Gate C2)
- Wendy’s 703-661-6760 (Gate C11)

Concourse D: A new and permanent C/D terminal (also called "Tier 2") is planned as part of the D2 Dulles Development Project. The concourse plan includes a dedicated mezzanine corridor with moving sidewalks to serve international passengers.

Concourse D Airlines: Airlines served by Concourse D are listed below:
- Aeroflot
- Ethiopian Airlines
- Icelandair
- United Airlines
- United Express operated by ExpressJet Airlines
- United Express operated by GoJet Airlines
- United Express operated by Mesa Airlines
- United Express operated by Shuttle America
- United Express operated by SkyWest Airlines
- United Express operated by Trans States Airlines

Concourse D Shops:
- ATM Midfield (Mobile Lounge Dock) - Travelex Foreign Currency Exchange 703-572-2934 (Mobile Lounge Dock, Rotunda, Gate D 23, C/D Connector and D Extension)
- Borders Books 703-661-6195 (Gate D14)
- Faber News & Gifts 703-572-6868 (Gate D7 and D22)
- Tax and Duty Free 703-572-1745 (Gate D15)
- Taxco Sterling 703-572-5929 (Gate D6)
- America! 703-572-6070 (Gate D13)
- Mindworks 703-572-1455 (Gate D13)
- 10 Minute Manicure 703-661-1910 (D13)
- News Exchange 703-572-3695 (Baggage Claim, West)
- Stellar News 703-572-1810 (Baggage Claim, East)
- Capital Bouquet 703-572-3213 (Baggage Claim 13)

Concourse D Restaurants:
- CIBO Express Gourmet Market (Gate D1)
- Dunkin Donuts 703-572-6895 (Gate D5)
- Subway 703-572-6901 (Gate D14)
- Gourmet Martket To Go 703-572-6457 (Gate D5)

Access for Travelers with Disabilities: Wheelchairs and assistance are available through airline representatives at each airline counter. Visual paging is available in the Main Terminal, A-Gates and B-Gates. Telephonic Devices for the Deaf (TDDs) are available throughout the Main Terminal and concourses.

Animal Relief Areas: Dulles International Airport has designated animal relief areas for service animals that accompany passengers.

Baggage Carts : Smartcarte baggage carts are available throughout the terminals and in parking facilities within walking distance of the Main Terminal. The SmarteCarte kiosks accept credit cards, debit cards, coins, $1- and $5- bills.

Baggage Claim : Baggage for arriving domestic flights at Washington Dulles International is transported by airlines to the Arrivals Level of the Main Terminal. Baggage on international flights is processed in the Federal Inspection areas. Baggage Information Display Boards located throughout the airport show the location of the baggage claim area for each arriving flight.

Foreign Currency Exchange: Travelex Foreign Currency Exchange has several locations in the airport.

Lost & Found: Passengers attempting to locate lost items should check with their airline or Airport Police.

Paging for the Main Terminal only is available at the Travelers Aid Desk, (703) 572-8296. This service can also be arranged by contacting the airline on which the passenger is arriving or departing.

Picking up Passengers at the Main Terminal:
To pick up arriving passengers, drivers should follow signs to the Arrivals Level curbside. Arriving passengers proceed from Baggage Claim up a ramp through a door (marked #1 through #7) and outside to the Arrivals Level curbside to meet your pickup. Signage on the curb matches the door numbers for easy reference.

Skycap Services/Baggage Assistance:
Skycap services (baggage porters) are available curbside and throughout the Airport.

Smoke-Free Facility:
Smoking is permitted outside the Main Terminal and in smoking lounges located in the B, C and D-Gates.

Dulles Airport Parking: Dulles has over 25,000 public parking spaces. Passengers and visitors can call on 703-572-4500 to obtain parking information by telephone or they may tune your radio to AM 530, when approaching the airport, to hear information about parking rates, locations and availability:

Daily Parking: There are two parking garages for daily parking:

- Daily Garage 1:
Located on the far side of the Short Term lot, north of the terminal. A moving walkway into the main terminal is available.
- Daily Garage 2:
2395 Located near the International Arrivals Building, northwest of the main terminal. There is a covered walkway for people to and from the garage and the terminal.
- Long Term (Economy) Parking:
A free 24 hour shuttle connects the Long Term lots with the terminal Departures area. The Long Term parking area is some distance from the airport but offers an economical alternative.

Hourly (Short-Term) Parking: The Hourly Lot is located in front of the Main Terminal and is intended for use by drivers who are meeting or dropping off passengers.

Rates: $3 for the first hour or fraction thereof; $4 per hour for the second through seventh hour up to a maximum of $27 for 24 hours. No charges are assessed for vehicles exiting within 20 minutes of entry.

Long-Term/Economy Parking: Long-term parking is available in the Economy Lot located along Rudder Road away from the Main Terminal. Signs to the Economy Lot are located along the roadways into the Airport. Free shuttle service is provided, at 10-15 minutes intervals, for picking up and discharging passengers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Rates: $1 per hour or fraction thereof, up to a maximum of $6 per 24 hours. No charges are assessed for vehicles exiting within 20 minutes of entry.

Valet Parking (Accessed through hourly parking): Available directly in front of the Main Terminal, Valet Parking is geared to the traveler in a hurry. Go to the main parking lot level through the hourly entrance and follow the signs to the Valet Service Center. Service is provided twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Rates: $25 for the first 24 hours, $12 each additional day or fraction thereof.. For further information call (703) 572-4540

Parking for Patrons with Disabilities: Handicapped-accessible parking is provided in the Hourly lot at daily parking rates and at the Economy parking lots in spaces adjacent to the shuttle bus stops. Bus service to Main Terminal is available by calling (703) 572-4558.

Dulles Airport Hotels:

Hotels near Dulles airport are listed below along with their distance from IAD:
- Crowne Plaza Hotel, 2.0 Miles
- Country Inn & Suites, 1.7 Miles
- Holiday Inn Dulles, 2.1 Miles
- Candlewood Suites Dulles, 2.6 Miles
- Staybridge Suites Dulles, 3.6 Miles
- Holiday Inn Express DC/Herndon, 3.8 Miles
- Hampton Inn & Suites, 4.0 Miles
- Marriott Dulles Airport, At Airport
- Hyatt Dulles. 1.4 Miles
- Homewood Suites Airport, 1.9 Miles
- Embassy Suites Airport, 2.2 Miles
- Marriott Suites Dulles, 2.8 Miles
- Fairfield Inn by Marriott, 2.8 Miles
- Comfort Inn & Suites, 2.8 Miles
- Residence Inn, 3.2 Miles
- Courtyard Herndon, 3.7 Miles
- Embassy Suites Dulles North, 3.8 Miles
- Springhill Suites Herndon, 4.0 Miles
- Aloft Dulles Airport North, 5.0 Miles

Washington D.C.: Formally known as the District of Columbia and most often referred to as Washington, the District, or D.C is the capital of the United States. It was founded on July 16, 1790. The act of Congress in 1871 merged the City of Washington and the Territory of Columbia into a single entity known as the District of Columbia. Thereby it is known also as Washington, D.C, even though it is legally named the District of Columbia.

To the southwest Virginia borders the city and Maryland to the other sides. The city is located on the north bank of the Potomac River. The District has a resident population of 599,657; because of commuters from the surrounding suburbs, its population rises to over one million during the workweek.

Washington D.C hosts 174 foreign embassies as well as the headquarters of the World Bank, the Organization of American States(OAS),the International Monetary Fund(IMF),the Inter-American Development Bank and the Pan American Health Organization(PAHO). The centers of all three branches of the federal government of the United States are located in the District, as are many of the nation's monuments and museums.

A mayor and a 13 member city council govern the city. The city does not have any senators and has a non-voting, at-large Congressional delegate. It was only after the ratification of the Twenty-third Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1961 that the D.C. residents could vote in presidential elections.

There are approximately 110 properties and 27,500 hotel rooms located in Washington, DC. The Greater Washington Metropolitan Region is home to approximately 600 properties and 95,000 rooms. DC’s hotel occupancies reach their peak in March through June and September through October. Hotel rates are also at peak rates during these months. One can find more than 100 restaurants located in downtown Washington, DC alone.

70 percent of land in Washington, DC is controlled by the National Park Service. There are 250,000 acres of parkland in the Greater Washington Metropolitan area. In 2007, DC was named the most walkable city in the US in a study by the Brookings Institute.

Every year Washington DC welcomes approximately 15 million visitors and generating approximately $5.24 billion in visitor spending for the city alone. DC is also home to 4 major sporting event venues with 167,000 total seats and 8 major professional teams including the Redskins, Wizards, Mystics, Nationals, United and Capitals. There are 3 DC-area airports - Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA), Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI).

Washington DC History: The Washington DC city along the Potomac River was chosen for the capital city by the then US President George Washington. The city was under the attack during the War of 1812. During the War, most of the city was burned to the ground. British forces invaded the city and burned public and government buildings, including the White House. The destruction was in response to American forces invading York, now known as Toronto, and burning most of it to the ground. Upon the government's return to the capital, it had to manage reconstruction of numerous public buildings, including the White House and Unites States Capitol. However, the British left the residential areas untouched and also spared the home of the Commandant of the Marines, located on Marine Barracks, as a sign of respect and is now the oldest government building.

On April 16th 1862 slavery was abolished throughout the District. Article One, section 8, of the United States Constitution places the District below the executive legislation of Congress. Thus the District residents lack voting representation in Congress. It was ratified in 1961 in the Twenty –third Amendment to the United States Constitution, which gave the District representation in the Electoral College.

After 217 years as the nation’s capital, Washington is a place packed with a unique history of its own. It has expanded as a composite and layered city with multiple personalities. The federal government has a diverse mix of government workers, members of Congress from every state, foreign emissaries, lobbyists, petitioners and protestors.

Washington D.C. Geography: Washington DC has a total area of 68.3 square miles of which 61.4 square miles is land. The District's current area consists only of territory ceded by the state of Maryland. Washington is therefore surrounded by the states of Maryland to the southeast, northeast, and northwest and Virginia to the southwest. The major natural flowing rivers are the Potomac river and its tributaries the Anacostia River and Rock Creek. Tiber Creek, a watercourse that once passed through the National Mall, was fully enclosed underground during the 1870s.

The Rock Creek park, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park, the National Mall, Theodore Roosevelt Island, the Constitution Gardens Meridian Hill park and Anacostia Park all are managed by the US National Park Service The only significant area of natural habitat not managed by the National Park Service is the US National Arboretum, which is operated by the US Department of Agriculture The Great Falls of the Potomac River are located upstream (northwest) of Washington. During the 19th century, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, which starts in Georgetown, was used to allow barge traffic to bypass the falls.

Washington DC Climate: Located in the humid subtropical climate zone, Washington exhibits four distinct seasons. Its springs and rainfall are warm, with low humidity, whereas the winter is cool with annual snowfall ranging from 14.7 to 15 inches. Average winter temperature is about 30 degree F from mid December to mid February. Blizzard affects Washington on average once every four to six years. The summers are humid and hot, with an average of 70 degree F to 88 degree F and also sometimes as high as 95 degree F. Thunderstorms are frequent in the summers with some turning into tornadoes.

Washington Distict of Columbia General Information:

Washington D.C. Mayor's Office:
- 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20004-3003
- Phone: (202) 727-6300

Washington DC Police Department:
Washington DC for the time being has only 2 numbers for the police department
- For Emergency Dial 911
- For Non-Emergency Dial 311

Washington DC

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