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Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA): Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is the closest Airport to Washington D.C and is located in Arlington County. This public airport is located in Virginia across the Potomac River and is just 3 miles from Washington D.C. Originally this airport was named as Washington National but it was modified as Regan National to honor the former U.S. president Ronald. W. Reagan.

In order to send a good number traffic to Dulles International Airport, flights in and out of DCA are restricted to 1,250 miles in each direction. The largest airways operating at this airport is U.S. Airways, which provides hourly flights to LaGuardia Airport and Logan International Airport.

The airport features a beautiful view of Washington D.C and passengers enjoy these while landing. The airport provides wide range of shopping, dining and other amenities for its passengers. The airport is also connected to the regional Metrorail, located near Terminal B and C.

Reagan National Airport Details:

DCA Contact:
Address: Thomas Ave & Abingdon, Arlington, VA 22202
Mailing Address: 1 Aviation Circle, Washington, DC 20001-6000
DCA Phone:(703) 572-2700
Website: /

Wasington National Airport History: The first major terminal to be developed in the Capital was in the site where the Pentagon stands at present. It was in 1938, the president Franklin Roosevelt proposed to build a national airport, which was inaugurated in 1941 and was, developed further to accommodate more passengers and airlines.

Another terminal, North Terminal was constructed in 1958 and the two terminals were interconnected. With increase in passenger demand, Dullas Airport was opened and perimeter restrictions were introduced by Federal Aviation to control the air passengers. The control of the airport was transferred from Federal Aviation Authority to Metropolitan Washington Airport in 1987.Extensive renovation and expansion became a mandatory requirement to face the increase in flights and passengers. Terminal B and C were opened in 1997 with 35 gates. It is interesting to note that there is no gate no. 13 due to superstition. The U.S Air Interim Terminal was closed and converted into a hangar.

The security measures changes drastically after the September 11 attack. Previously the flights were directed to follow the Potomac River in order to avoid any contact with the Washington monument or the White House. But after the 2001 incident, the airport was closed for many weeks to tighten the security. Several restrictions like limitation in aviation operation, the passengers and crew should submit details to Transportation Security Administration 24 hours in advance and all aircrafts must go through one of the 27 gateway points, where there would be rechecking of aircraft, passengers and the baggage were introduced to tighten the security. Airports historic Terminal A was restored recently with wide work done on the frontage

Driving Directions:

From Virginia and Richmond and Points South: Take a turn to interchange I-95 North to interchange I-395 North. Take the exit 10 (GW Parkway South) and then the take Airport Exit. Follow the signs to the airport.

Manassas and Points West: First take I-66 East then drive on to the Route 110 South to Route 1 South. After this take the Airport Exit and follow the signs to the airport.

From Maryland and Baltimore and Prince George's County: Turn to I-95 South over Woodrow Wilson Bridge and then take the Route 1 North . After this take the Airport Exit and follow the signs to the airport.

From Frederick & Montgomery Counties: Take the I-270South and then to Washington, DC to I-495 South Northern Virginia; GW Parkway South. Take Airport Exit and follow the signs to the airport.

From Washington DC: Turn to I-395 South and then take the GW Parkway South. From there take the Airport Exit and follow the signs to the airport.

Washington National Airport Parking: DCA airport provides 3 types of parking facilities, hourly parking or short term parking, daily garage parking and long term parking facility as detailed below:

Short Term Parking: Short term parking facility can be availed from Garage A, B and C. This type of parking is more appropriate for one or two hour parking. Directions to the parking lot are available once the airport is approached through airport signs. Rates:
- $2 per half hour
- $4 per hour
- $36 per day

Daily Garage Parking: Daily garage parking is available for each three terminals. Garage allotted to terminal A is near to the terminal, while for terminal B and C it is located just in front of the building. Garages and the terminals are interconnected thru moving walkways and thru free shuttle service. These services are 24 hours operational. Rates:
- $5 per half hour
- $10 per hour
- $20 per day

Long Term Parking: Long Term parking is available in the Economy Lot. Passengers have to just follow the signs for Economy Parking. Free shuttle buses are present which connect the Economy Lot with the terminals. Rates:
- $3 per half hour
- $6 per hour
- $12 per day

Disabled Parking: Special parking lots are allotted for passengers with disabilities. Every garage has some specific number of lots reserved for disabled passengers. The rates are the same as the standard rate for each category.
Further details about the parking can be received on this number-(703) 417-7275

Cell Phone Waiting: In situation where people are meeting people off a flight, they can use the free cell phone lot. This facility is located beyond the terminal C and can be used for a maximum 60 minute parking time.

Regan Washington National Airport Hotels:

Washington National welcomes many tourists each day and for them there are several hotels available adjacent to the airport. There are direct transportation facilities for most of the nearby hotels. Even though there are no hotels within the airport, one can find some good airports near to the airport. Some of the important hotels nearby are:

- Channel Inn Hotel, 650 Water Street SW, Washington DC
- Holiday Inn National Airport, 2650 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington ,Washington DC
- Crowne Plaza Washington National Airport, 1480 Crystal Drive, Arlington, Washington DC
- Captitol Hill Hotel, 200 C Street SE, Washington DC
- Ritz Carlton Pentagon City, 1250 South Hayes Street, Arlington, Washington DC
- The Liaison Capitol Hotel, 415 New Jersey Avenue Northwest, Washington DC
- The River Inn A Modus Hotel, 924 25th Street Northwest, Washington DC

DCA Airport Terminal Information: This airport consists of three main terminals A, B and C. Apart from the nonstop airlines, the terminal also provide shopping, eating, and other facilities for its passengers. The airport also links with Metrorail for travelling from the airport to other destinations. There are three main levels at the airport. Level 1 is for baggage claim, Level 2 is the one having the main terminal and Level 3 has ticketing and check in facilities.

Terminal A: Terminal A which is undergoing renovation to reinstate its original architecture was opened in 1941 and was expanded in 1955 to accommodate the increasing passengers and airlines.

Terminal A Airlines: Airlines operating from Terminal A:
- Air Canada
- Frontier Airlines
- Air Canada Express
- JetBlue Airways
- Southwest Airlines
- Sun Country Airlines
- AirTran Airways

Terminal A Shops and Restaurants:
- Hudson News
- Kiko’s Shoe Shine
- Allie’s Deli
- Euro Café
- Fabulously Fresh
- Jerry’s Subs & Pizza

Terminal B: Terminal B opened in 1997 and includes 35 gates.

Terminal B Airlines: Airlines operating from Terminal B:
- Alaska Airlines
- American Airlines
- American Eagle
- Delta Airlines
- Delta Connection operated by Comair, Compass Airlines, ExpressJet, Pinnacle Airlines, Shuttle America and SkyWest Airlines - United Express
- U.S. Airways

Terminal B Shops and Restaurants:
- CNBC News
- Heritage Booksellers
- C&P Shoe Shine America
- Kiko’s Shoe Shine
- Dunkin Donuts
- Matsutake Sushi
- Sdoba Mexican Grill
- T.G.I Friday’s

Terminal C: Terminal C was inaugurated in 1997 along with Terminal B, in place of some terminals specific to some airlines that were built during the 1960s. The terminal has 35 gates. The airlines operating from this terminal is the U.S.

Terminal C Airlines: Airlines operating from Terminal C:
- Air Wisconsin
- Chautauqua Airlines
- Piedmont Airlines
- PSA Airlines
- Republic Airlines
- U.S. Airways
- AirTran Airways

Terminal C Shops and Restaurants:
- Matsutake Sushi
- Mayorga Coffee
- T.G.I. Friday’s

Special Needs: - The airport provides special animal relief service for animals that accompany the passengers.
- Parking facilities are designed in order to provide easy accessibility for disabled people.
- Pay phones are designed with volume control facilities and have hearing aid and have Braille.
- Flight information are displayed are available throughout the airport.
- The Transport Security Administration has a program to help travelers with disabilities and medical conditions.
- Wheel Chair accessible Taxi Cab is available in the airport.

Baggage Carts/Sky cap at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport: The baggage claim is located on the lower level of the terminal, across from Skycap services are available along the curbside and throughout the terminals. Smartecarte baggage carts are also available throughout the terminals, at the parking garages and at the Metro station. They accept coins, bills and credit cards as well.

State of Virginia: Virginia, the gateway to the South is located between New York and Florida. The state is also called Mother of Presidents because eight U.S. presidents were born here. It is bordered by Washington D.C, Maryland to the North, to the east is Atlantic Ocean, West Virginia and Kentucky to the West and Tennessee and North Carolina to the south.

The greatest growth that Virginia has seen is the technology sector with business for computer programmers, engineers, consultants and researchers generated by federal government. Virginia is home to the world's largest internet service provider.

Tobacco was very important sector in Virginia, but lately it has been replaced by livestock and its products. Broilers are the state's most valuable product followed by beef cattle. Virginia is a leading producer of turkeys. Vegetable crops include potatoes, sweet potatoes and tomatoes. With large orchards, apples are the state's leading fruit crop. Virginia is a leading crab and oyster producing state. Coal is the state's leading mined product.

Virginia has got a moderate climate and is humid by nature near the water bodies and relatively less humid on the mountains. Virginia’s climate is a result of the diverse landscape of the Commonwealth. The Atlantic Ocean and its river also known as Gulf Stream, the Appalachian, Blue Ridge and the Complex River and stream pattern contributes to the precipitation nature of Virginia’s climate.

Virginia History: Virginia was founded in Jamestown in 1607 and it was one of the first permanent settlements in North America. Slavery was introduced in 1619, which was brought to end by American Revolution and the Civil war. In colonial times Virgina was officially called as the Colony and Dominion of Virginia. But when the 13 colonies broke ties with British Crown, the name was no longer suitable. The first constitution of Virginia was adopted in year 1776 and the new form of government was named as Commonwealth.

Virginia Attractions:

Mt. Vernon: Mt. Vernon stands overlooking the Potomac River near Alexandria and is the home of George Washington. The house was built by Lawrence Washington, George Washington’s half brother. The mansion is a wooden structure with wide lawns and gardens. The mansion has been restored, after Washington's detailed notes, with much of the original furniture, family relics, and duplicate pieces of the period.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel: This tunnel spans the mouth of Chesapeake Bay consisting of two bridges and 2 mile long tunnel. The tunnels are anchored on four artificial islands.

Shenandoah National Park: The park contains series of ridges and valleys, small hills, pools, streams and waterfalls.

Great Falls Park: The 800-acre park located along the Potomac River, is one of the most spectacular natural landmarks in Northern Virginia. Tourists can enjoy the wonderful view and a variety of activities such as hiking, picnicking, kayaking, rock climbing, bicycling, and horseback riding.

Jima Memorial: This impressive memorial is a great attraction and is built in honor of the Marines who died defending U.S. The structure was built by U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial and was inspired by inspired by a Pulitzer Prize winning photograph of one of the most historic battles of World War II.

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